Dear Ms. Brown, I wanted to tell you how you inspired me in today’s class at DSS. As soon as I came home I told my husband about the speaker we had today which, was you. I told my husband how you moved me to tears, you hit on allot of points that’s going on in my life. Also when I got home I wrote my Now/New, what I am going to do different to make my life better, I also wrote down my vitamins and placed it on my ice box. I also took your advice about the sticky notes. I wanted to let you know at my church Victory Ministries my minister sermon was on Changing the way of how we think. This is just a little thank you letter for today’s class.”


Cassander Green

Ms. Brown you are a very gifted and talented speaker. I actually have, “Watch your Thoughts…They Become Words…Actions…Habits…Character…Your Destiny” framed and on my desk at work. Once again thanks so much for sharing your positive energy…it was a pleasure meeting you on Saturday. ~~Many of the things you said remind me so much of the advice my late mother gave me~~ You are a wise young woman Ms. Brown”

Ms. Denise Clark

Your positive energy and words of encouragement is much needed in this world. Continue your mission and watch how God works.”

Ms. Dora Williams

I really appreciate your existence. You are very good energy. See you at the center. Love ya”

Ms. Cheryl

I just wanted to say thank you for your kind words, they really helped to change my life and my way of thinking. Life is still hard but I refuse to give up because failure is not an option. Once again I would like to say thank you for the life skills because without them I don’t know where I would be. May GOD bless you and keep doing what you are doing.”

Mr. Alvin Hamlin

Darlene, I just wanted to post something on your page to let everyone know that you are such an inspiration to me and many. Continue to be a blessing!”

KaNikki Jakarta

Hey Ms. Brown, – Your bio is extraordinary, I wasn’t truly aware of EVERYTHING you were doing! Awesome! Thanks again for everything. Love Ya”


I am so proud of you!! I love what you are doing! Love you”

Windy Mazella

Darlene, I met you at Global Vacation Club this evening. You were truly a joy. I enjoyed reading your website and look forward to meeting with you soon.”

Ms. Cyrella Peeler

I love this website it gives a lot of information for women to gain control over everyday life issues. You go girl !!!! I love you”

Ms. Lakeisha Williams

Hi Darlene, Thank you so much for coming out to our Thanksgiving Bazaar “A Reason to Recover”…it was a pleasure to hear you speak to the families about listening and giving time to their children. I could really feel the compassion and love you have for people and I know that is because of the love and passion you have for the Lord…..may the Lord continue to bless your life as you have blessed others….

Kathy Pulliam

Greetings my dear, it was a pleasure meeting you and I am pleased to see that you are indeed speaking your purpose into existence. I look forward to our creative collaborations in the future -One luv- Bro. Malcolm”

Mr. Darrick Johnson

Your group is very inspirational to me and I’m sure all who attend in more ways than one. You inspire me to strive for greatness and my breakthrough is on the other side of my test. Thank you for your time and your shared wisdom.”

Ms. Shannon Nash

Amazing achievements. You certainly have a sense of direction in your life. I know I will learn a thing or two from you. With Love”

Mr. Jean-Pierre P

Students Feedback from Milford Mills Academy:

A lot of things that Darlene Brown said made me realize that maybe all of the hard work I’m doing in school isn’t for nothing. I also realize that I’m somewhat on the right track to my career of being a lawyer or music producer instead of just giving up.”

Ms. Brown was an extremely phenomenal speaker. She represents all strong black women around the world. She helped me to realize that I am a strong, indestructible female. My life truly isn’t determined by its events. Thanks to her, my life will be a better, more thoughtful, powerful being.”

She really said things that I needed to hear and know. I really learned something. She’s a really good speaker”

I think she is very knowledgeable on the subject at hand. What she says makes sense. I heard it several times before. She is very enthusiastic and encouraging. I learned a lot from this speaker”

I really enjoyed Ms. Darlene, I believe that everything she has said I have heard before but hearing it from her in the way she said it, in some way had a personal impact on me.”

I believe Ms. Brown is a very strong woman. She is also wise and has a lot to share and say. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless her. I hope that she can return next year. Thank you for this experience. God Bless!!”

She gave very valid points in which I and other girls need to think about.”

She is very encouraging and enthusiastic about her vision and girls can really learn from Ms. Brown”

I think I will strive to change the way I act towards my peers”