• January 12th, 2024

HABIT, The Word for today

Habits can be a two edged sword. Some can be good for you, and some can be bad. Which habits would you like to get rid of? It’s very easy. Simply replace the bad with the good. Bad habits use the same amount of energy as good habits, so you may as well have good habits. For example, instead of sitting around all night watching TV on the lounge, get up and do something productive or creative, help someone by giving of your time, your knowledge, your love. Make being productive with your time your habit. Instead of watching useless news programs, read an inspirational book write an inspirational poem. You can do much to change your negative habits it’s just a matter of recognizing them and replacing them with positive ones. You must also start to take positive action. Change one thing at a time. Don’t try to do everything in one go. You cannot succeed like this. You must tilt the scale slowly otherwise you will miss the mark. But above all else, Just Do It!