The Lords Day

This is your day to do as you please, but remember before you rush into work to fall to your knees. Give the father thanks for another day. And instead of life as usual, let the Lord have his way. It may require some work, for it is not easy to do. But at the end of this day, you will honestly say: “I am blessed.” Not because of what you did or didn’t do, but because you let go and let the holy spirit guide you; thus Gods work will manifest through you.
By: Darlene Brown
Its Up To You
Have you made someone happy, or made someone sad?
What have you done with the day that you had?
God gave it to you to do just as you would.
Did you do what was wicked, or do what was good?
Did you hand out a smile, or just give a frown?
Did you lift someone up, or push someone down?
Did you lighten some load, or progress impede?
Did you look for a rose, or just gather a weed?
What did you do with your beautiful day?
God gave it to you, I hope you didn’t throw it away!

By: Unknown

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