Self-Value /Self-Worth

If a person is on the right track, they can still get run over if they just sit there.

A positive, healthy sense of self-value and self-worth is the foundation of most people’s happiness and success. When an individual knows who they are and believes in what they are doing, their greatest dreams are possible.

When a person doubts him or herself, questions their worth, and undermines their self-value, their greatest victory will be worthless. Affirm, “that you are a great someone.” That is where it really starts. Trusting in the spirit of the living God that resides within will assist anyone in overcoming their obstacles.

Only an individual can truly appreciate and celebrate their own success. Know that each individual on this earth is equipped with what they need to get to where they want to be. If a person has doubt, they can recite this scripture “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
Phillippians 4:13

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